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Monday, February 4, 2013

Mappy Monday: My Tapleys and Drakes in North Carolina

 After being inspired by my genealogy friend, Annette, I decided to map my Tapley and Drake families' origins in North Carolina.  It was an experiment in using the Paint program, so don't expect perfection!   But it gives you the general idea.  The Tapleys migrated from Virigina and arrived in North Carolina first, in the late 1740's.  The Drakes also migrated from Virginia, but about 30 years later, in the late 1770's.  The Tapleys left North Carolina about the time the Drakes arrived and migrated to South Carolina for a few years and then ultimately to Georgia.  The Drakes left North Carolina in the early 1820's and headed straight to Georgia.

Please click each map to view them larger in another window. 

Hosea Tapley was my 6th great-grandfather.  His son, Joel, of course, was my 5th great-grandfather.

Exum Drake was my 5th great-grandfather, with his son, Richard, being my 4th great-grandfather.

Maps courtesy of Catawba County NCGenWeb site at

Monday, January 21, 2013

Amanuensis Monday: Last Will and Testament of Hosea Tapley

"October 24th 1780

"In the Name of God Amen I Hosea Tapley of the County of Caswell and Province of NoCarolina being in sound Sense and Memory, but Calling to mind the uncertainty of Life and the Assurance of Death do make Constitute and [?] Ordain This my last Will and Testament in Manner following

"First my soul to god who give it to me and my body to the Earth to be buried at the Discretion of my Executors hereafter Mentioned That after all my Just Debts are paid and funeral expenses paid

Then I Give to my Loving Wife Sarah Tapley all my estate of What Kind [?] Such as Stock of all Kind and household of all Kind Such as I am [?], with & I do put in my wife's [?] [?] and Dispose of the Above Mentioned Estate as she pleases and my Desire is that my son-in-law John Short shall assist My wife Sarah Tapley in the management of the above Estate that [?] to her  Now I do appoint my Beloved Wife Sarah Tapley my whole and Said Executrix with my son-in-law John Short to his assistance in certifying whereof I have set my hand and seal

Hosea Tapley {Seal}

David [?]}
William Rankin}
Ambrose [?]}
Osburn Jefferies [?]}

    Caswell County June Court 1781
The Executors of the within Will was Proven in Open Court by, the [?] of David [?] a [?] wherefor there to [?] [?] Ordered to by [?]


Source:  Caswell County Clerk of Superior Court Record of Wills, Volume A, Years 1777-1783, p. 139, Microfilm C.020.80001, North Carolina Archives, Raleigh, NC, accessed October 2012.

Hosea Tapley was my 6th great-grandfather.
Mary Elizabeth Tapley
Gilbert Earl Tapley
My father
Lusion Keman Tapley
My grandfather
James Madison Tapley
My great-grandfather
Georgia Washington Tapley
My 2nd great-grandfather
Sarah Tapley
My 3rd great-grandmother
Newhampton Tapley
My 4th great-grandfather
Joel Tapley
My 5th great-grandfather
Hosea Tapley
My 6th great-grandfather

This one was tough to transcribe.  As you can see, I still cannot figure out all the words.  If anyone can help, it would be most appreciated!